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Find clients online, grow your online business by really knowing what problem your business solves

I see it everywhere, coaches and experts describing what they do as coaching, they talk about coaching in their pitch and their marketing for their online business.  They know they offer something, however, they just havn’t quite worked out the problem they are solving for their clients, because they take on many problems to solve, which makes them a jack of all trades and master of none and doesn’t attract their perfect people.

Or, put it another way, they were so unclear on the exact problem they solved it then had a roll on effect and their client was a little unclear in the  the results they would get by working with them.   Clarity, Build Confidence, Market their Business are all generalist statements.    

I have some news for you and it’s all bad, coaching is not your business and clarity, confidence and marketing are not the outcomes your clients have after working with you.

If you want to grow your online business income substantially, You have to choose a lane and stay in it, what does this look like for you?  

In coaching there are key areas of focus, Business/Career, Finances, Health, Relationships, Personal Development, Spirituality, just to name a few.   

Let’s look at health, under the Health Umbrella, you have fitness, wellbeing, weight loss, mindset, just to name a few, then you can drill even deeper, under mindset, you may have Confidence, Self Doubt, Fear & Confusion and so on,    Choose one that is your lane and stay in it.   

To give you an example of this in action, one of your kids continually comes down with a throat infection.   So you ask your GP for a referral to a Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist.   

You have your usual GP that could help you, however, you choose a Specialist because you want the expert to help you.  It may cost you much more than your local GP visit, but you want to get to the bottom of the problem, what’s causing it and how to fix it, so you opt for the Specialist and just suck up the cost.

Your business is no different, when you call yourself a coach, you are saying I am the GP, when you choose your lane and only focus on that one thing, you are saying you are the Specialist and of course you will get paid accordingly for that specialty service, why?  because you are the expert in that particular lane, that is what you become known for.

When you stay in your lane, you can then market to the solution you provide, (outcome) your ideal clients will get after working with you and create a program that delivers on that promise.    

Imagine your a health coach and weight loss is your lane and you promote your offer of Lose 4kgs in 4 weeks, EVEN IF you have been dieting for awhile and the weight is not shifting.     

This is what I call an outcome based offer & breakthrough.    The people that you share what what you do with or market to, will know the outcome, the  exact outome they can expect to get, which enables them to quickly decide if what you offer is for them.

There is no grey, either they get the result you offer or they don’t.   It is a measurable result, that is what makes it so attractive, along with the breakthrough statement.   Even If…  the even if statements are the breakthrough statements that stand you out from the crowd.     

I suggest you create yourself around ten EVEN IF, statements that you can use at networking, on your social media and on your website.   The EVEN IF, will be the differentiator between you and what others are doing, because it talks to the problem they are experiencing.

Let’s look at some examples:  

I help busy mums in business, get clients & double their business profits, EVEN IF, they only have a few hours a day to work on their business.

I help busy mums, lose the last 10kgs, EVEN IF, every other diet they have tried hasn’t shifted the weight. 

The Formula

WHO THEY ARE (Busy Mums)

WHAT THEY WANT  (Clients & Double their profits)  

WHY THEY THINK THEY CAN’T HAVE IT (kids keep them busy, they only have three hours a day to dedicate to the business)

The Formula…

WHO THEY ARE (Busy Mums)

WHAT THEY WANT (Lose the last 10Kgs)

WHY THEY THINK THEY CAN’T HAVE IT ( tried every diet out there, nothing seems to be working)

When you can really hit home with the problem they are having in your EVEN IF statement, they will be saying YES… I want that, that is exactly what I have been looking for, you will be drawing them into you, because they tell themselves, Yes… she get’s me.  

Then the testimonials from your clients that completed your program, start to come in, your social proof, that says exactly what your clients got after working with with, I lost the last 10 kgs, or I doubled my business income, the outcome exactly matches your offer.

Once you have established the one thing you do (Your Specialty) then the next thing is to find your perfect people that want what you offer.

As an example, it would not work being a sales coach trying to work with clients that don’t have a list or audience to sell to.  So a sales coach would be more successful working with clients that have built a list or have a group they can market to.   

Marketing your business will always come before Sales, ie:  lead generation, will always be a prerequisite of conversions in your business.

In the weight loss example, your perfect person, would be a busy mum, who has been trying to lose weight and has not had much luck doing it.

Try this out, I am sure you will not look back, when you put this simple formula into practice you will experience a new found confidence in what you do, your strength and conviction to the business you have created will shine through.

I look forward to chatting over messenger, if your interested in help and if not I hope this post got you thinking outside the square anyway.

I wish you every success in creating a business that provides the lifestyle you love and the financial freedom you deserve.

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