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As I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed or insta feed I see a lot of small businesses. Sure I get curious as to what they do I look further into them, I click on their page and scroll through their posts. I love seeing women making it online in business. It makes me smile, I love soaking up all the expertise they share, so I learn and become better at what I do.

Then I notice a pattern repeat coaches shying away from talking about what they do. Shying away from sharing their knowledge, more important coaches that are shying away from talking about how they can help you with your problems.

If you have a problem, for sure, there is an expert out there that can solve it for you, I can guarantee you will find them online. If you are reading this, I am writing it because I want you to be one of those coaches. If you are want to build your online coaching business, this is the place to start.

So I ask myself, why are there only a handful of highly successful coaches/entrepreneurs online? The pattern repeat I see is coaches are posting “quotes” and lovely pictures of gardens flowers and gorgeous landscapes. Some get a little creative and post conversation starters to get engagement and expand their reach, most often conversation starters ask “What quote inspires you”. The missing link is they are not speaking about their topic that they are an expert in, so others do not see their expertise.

What use is reach if you never talk about what you do and who you help, how are people going to see you as the expert. Where’s your off how can people come and work with you? Use this opportunity to attract people to you that have the problem you solve, get known as the expert you are.

If you are reading this and you are a coach, Why aren’t you telling me what problem you can solve for me and showing me how to solve it, your expertise? What’s holding you back, please educate me on your craft and help me solve my problem.

Be specific on what you do and who you do it for. Show me on your Facebook cover image, it should tell me what you do at first glance. I call this the scroll test, it should stop me when I am scrolling and encourage me to click onto the page.

When I click through to the page, surprise me with your expertise, there should be posts that share your expertise. If you are a mindset coach, teach me something to overcome a short practice or something to make a shift.

You are an expert, why are you not showing me that?. Marketing is about attracting the perfect people to your business, this is an opportunity for you are missing.

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